A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are the Disco Witch. At Studio 666, you dominate the dance floor with your magical moves.

One funky Friday, a stranger presents you with an odd, pulsing book. They say it has the best moves anyone has ever seen in this or any reality.

It seems wrong, it seems freaky, but you have to know. When you open the book, the demons pour out.

Supports USB dancepad and keyboard input. Made for PIGSquad's Summer Slow Jams (June 2019) with the themes "Arcade" and "Occult Classic".


disco_demon_v1_windows.zip 35 MB
disco_demon_v1_mac.zip 52 MB


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This is obviously a small experiment, but a handful of important points:

(1) give visual feedback when an arrow key is pressed and on the timing of the press when hitting a note

(2) the arrows shouldn't be partly transparent, that simply makes it harder to parse; also, darkening the "track" where the arrows come down would help, too

(3) gamepad support! These games are so much better when you have a kind of mirrored control (where the dpad and XYAB do the same thing), letting you use both hands in complex patterns (obviously not important in this game, but still)

Other than that, perhaps you should try the game Sequence (Before the Echo), which is a much fuller version of this; one of my favourite rhythm games.

fun idea! i was having difficulty at first for when i needed to tap the arrows, it seemed like they needed to be tapped a little after they passed the arrows, and closer to the book, but once i figured that out it worked