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What a cool experience this was. The writing is super funny, I was invested the whole time, and act 4 actually scared me lol. My trash is some awesome trash!!


really great but jesus the ending got sad quick


The best cliker game I've ever played.


This game had no business being this funny (get it? business haha)

the first two acts at least, the third act lost me hard. Still pretty good game and really well written.

This is a pretty good game!


One of the best clicker games that exist. Every thing with it is great. I love the progression of the game, the art style is very cute and the music is neat. I can't say that there are any negatives. And hell the game is free so go play it


Played this without stopping, super fun capitalist clicker game.

The story is very compelling and hits hard, game mechanics and money making strategies are very good.

I give a 10 for the music, it makes the story and gameplay better, I would get the soundtrack if this game had one.

Characters are very well made with their characteristics, personality, hobbies/interests. it makes them feel more, ALIVE than some other games I've played.

I hope this game grows more and (maybe?) gets a sequel, you have made me feel multiple emotions at once, very well done.


Not for the feint of heart. Hits way harder than I was prepared for when I started it. Don't know if I'll sleep tonight.

Five stars.

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Awesome but game stuck when I ask something to money baby academy(4,5

6..).Sometimes.Cant tap anywhere.


This looks lovely! Any chance of there being a downloadable version for prosperity...?

i beat the game!!!

lots of fun


great game!!!

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Loss of focus on different tabs sucks.

Also the slow text speed sucks.

Game just ain't worth it with the current problems, despite the high apparent quality. Ruins the core satisfaction.


yes the loss of focus is quite frustrating, especially since this is an idle game, but everything else is fine and you can change the text speed in the settings, it is also where you can save your progress

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The game keeps scrolling back up whenever I try to send more messages to money baby and the rest of the advisors


Great stuff! Did a full playthrough: 


the capitalist in me has awakened


This is very well executed. Takes around two hours if you use only the market manipulation.


I'm not sure I can be so hopeful that we could survive an apocalypse... Workers of the world, let's unite before it's too late.


Aw, it was fun until Act 3 and now my brain hurts and I don't want to play any more.

Cool game!! Love it though it's a bit laggy...

P.S: How did you make it auto-save?? :))


Maybe every minutes they store money, act level, workers amount at a JSON dictionary and file them into localstorage (for HTML5 games)


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Hmmm.... Cool, I guess I an try it myself :))

Hmmm.... Cool, I guess I an try taht myself :))


Well i got to say the game was amazing but i was hoping there was another ending also if you see this This game is Super good and you should continue making more games.

Also i managed to get LOL$ debt ;{


i'm 28 billion dollars in debt :[


This was amazing. I loved the writing and how the gameplay evolved over the acts. Very pointed and appropriate ending, too. Thanks so much for putting it up!


It has been like 3 hours I have been playing this



Ive never seen game assets load so slowly, lol
I didn't even know this was possible

It took me 3 minutes for the game background to load after the game had started, before then I thought it just had a flat color background, and only half of each image in the setting menu has loaded so far. I really wish they were all loaded and cached before the game starts like in any normal game if possible, or at least had some proper compression cause since I have a 240mbps internet I'm assuming each icon in this game weights over 100mb...

Now I'm stuck at the money baby academy screen. Money baby just said "whats up" but I can't answer nor close the screen, and nowhere that I click does anything. Game basically crashed.

But other than these things, it's been a fun game so far

The stock market thing is very confusing, money baby academy broke and crashes my game every time, my trash production went down and I cant figure out how to increase it, and I miss the old chapter that I can't go back to. But other than that..

Oh yes, and the volume glitches every time I refresh the game because it crashed. The volume isn't applied until you change it again in the settings menu. So even if the setting is at 10%, it stays at 100% until you change it out and back into 10%. Also the minimum music volume is too loud, and lowering it to "0%" doesn't mute it and barely makes a difference

Try playing it through the itch app, may be more stable than the browser (?)

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That would probably fix the loading issues, but likely not the rest. I've now already managed to finish the game but thanks


This was amazing!! The ending made me sad though, but like in a good way


I'm with everyone else: The game is great. One thing that could be improved is the telephone-chat session. That was so annoying for me, like a autoscroller in Mario...

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"How can accumulating wealth be so bad when it's fun to watch numbers go up?"

that is

the point

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Well, that went from cute to just soul-crushingly depressing.  If I wanted to despair I'd just look outside or at twitter.


The writing, the art, the humor, the gameplay, the music... literally everything about this game is just done so beautifully and with so much heart.

Thank you for making this game. Also, oh geez oh god we're actually fucked and it's all our own faults shit shit shit nonono


Cheer up! It's not your fault that the world sucks. That's one problem about the game. For some reason it decides to just blame all humans for every thing any human had ever done. In the game, the raccoons are metaphors for real life humans and it's clear that not all raccoons are awful. In fact, it's really just three of them (the capitalist raccoon, the religious raccoon, and the politician raccoon). So instead of drawing conclusions from how the game depicts actual humans, look at the metaphorical humans.

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Actually, if you choose to go with Dirt in the final act, they betray you and take over the religion. So yeah, Dirt is meant to be a bad guy. And the main character is also meant to be a bad guy - all the other raccoons get mad at them for being complacent in the whole thing.

It looks like your political views don't align with the views of this game. It's best to just stop commenting - you'll just get downvoted.

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this was such a good game with a really powerful message. thank you for making this!


I'm glad I played through this, but it just makes me incredibly sad. Sometimes I feel like this message is akin to screaming endlessly to wall. Writing was great, message was powerful, game play was fun. 11/10 

Amazing game, hilarious, addictive, and depressing all at the same time. Thank you! 

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I'd love a downloadable version of this, and would be happy to pay for it, but I'm guessing that'd be challenging to implement?

Even leaving aside a download version, can we send you money for this?


I'm kinda speechless. this is now one of my favorite games ever, thank you all so much for creating it.

When my friend told me the creator of SKEAL is making another game, I knew I just had to get in on the fun! My body has never felt readier to play this game. But I have to wait. Oh well.

This looks like so much fun!! Wow :D

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