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NOTE: This is a project update page for work done on Trash the Planet for PIGSquad's Finish Your Game Jam in Fall 2020. We're still actively working on Trash the Planet, so please follow us if you want to know when the game releases.


Trash the Planet is a resource management game where you play as a group of raccoons who start out collecting trash and end up ruling the planet. Help raccoon society evolve at an alarming rate, marvel as the numbers get bigger, and learn how to manipulate the stock market with absolutely no consequences.

Trash the Planet is an act-based game in which systems and narrative evolve significantly per-act. For this game jam we focused work on the third act, which is the game's longest. Here's what we accomplished:

  • Edited 1000 lines of dialogue and 72 tooltips, which concluded a major narrative and design update to the third act
  • Created and implemented a unique emoji set for the game's phone conversations
  • Added a new cutscene image to move between the second and third acts
  • Wrote, designed, and implemented a tutorial conversation
  • Added the ability to toggle hotkey overlay on and off


Nick Cummings โ€“ Programming, game design, UI design, additional writing

Ben Morgan โ€“ Game design, writing

Sarah Morgan โ€“ Art direction, additional UI design, additional game design

Bryan Brunt โ€“ Music composition, sound design

Chris Balcom โ€“ Art


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This looks like so much fun!! Wow :D